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Laptop Condition Scale

Flawless: Functionally perfect. Product appears and functions like new. It is very hard to tell that it has been opened or used.

Good: Product is fully functional.

  • All controls, functions, and modes work perfectly.
  • Any screens are free of cracks or chips.
  • Charging port, headphone jack, and any peripheral inputs work flawlessly.
  • All keys on keyboard are working.
  • Microphone, webcam, and speaker working well.
  • Holds full charge.
  • Cosmetics can be anywhere from Fair to Excellent.

Damaged: Product may have one or more of the following functional issues:

  • Cracked or chipped screen.
  • One or more broken buttons or knobs.
  • Broken microphone, webcam, or speaker.
  • Faulty charging port or headphone jack.
  • Faulty peripheral inputs (USB's).
  • Won't hold charge.
  • One or more keys on keyboard not working.
  • Will not power on.
  • One or more functions or modes not working properly, etc.

We cannot purchase water damaged items.
Aslaptop b015790wni medium
ASUS 15.6" 8GB RAM 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 1TB HDD F555LA-EH51 Laptop
Laptop Instructions
  • Please fully charge computer.
  • Make sure you include your power supply.
  • Passwords and BIOS locks must be disabled/removed.
  • Include as many original accessories as possible, e.g. manuals and boxes.